Alexander Potemkin, Russian painter of  Siberian origin, was born 19 September 1958 in Irkutsk.

1976 - 1979 - He studied at the Irkutsk Aviation College. Received a degree in: Electrical Technician radio equipment of aircraft.

1979 - 1981 - He served in the Soviet Army in Mongolia.

1982 - 1986 - He studied at the Academy of Arts in Irkutsk. After graduation received a degree in: the artist-designer.

1986 - 2008 - He worked as a painter at the Art Fund of the Russian Federation, Angarsk, Irkutsk region.

With great success has participated in numerous exhibitions. 

Exhibitions the last 10 years:

2003 - Exhibition 26-artists "Painting" Regional Art Museum, Irkutsk

2004 - Trans-national art exhibition "Moscow - the City of Peace", Moscow

2005 - "Day of the Sun" Gallery production house "Aydis", Moscow

2006 - House of Culture Art exhibition "Contemporary", Angarsk

2007 - Exhibition of contemporary artists - animalists "Bestiary" at the State Darwin Museum

2008 - Personal exhibition in the "Bank Credit", Angarsk

2009 - Academic art exhibition "Nature - Ecology" Sochi Art Museum, Sochi

2010 - Exhibition of works from the gallery collection "ASH", Central House of Artists, Moscow

2011 - "Colors of Time" Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Cultural Foundation, Moscow

2012 - "SURREALISMO IBERO-RUSO" ("SPANISH AND RUSSIAN Surrealism"), in the new gallery EMMA (Project GOYART), Madrid (Spain)

For most of his life, painting has been his passion. Through art he can express the wonder and the curiosity, he feel about the world, he live in. His work is an intuitive improvisation on nature and on the impressions of daily life. Through a process of psychological realism, visual elements are restructured into an abstraction of the landscape and the figure. Through the relationship of colors, forms, and marks, through rhythm and balance, and the physical and psychological work of painting, each picture develops into a unique expression. His artworks are in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Hong Kong. He currently lives and works in Russia, Sochi.